Personal Umbrella

A couple hundred dollars a year is well worth the protection of adding an additional million dollars of protection for you and your family through a Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy. 


You don't have to be a Millionaire to be sued like one. 
The more you own, the more you can lose if someone sues you. One claim or judgment can cause you to lose your savings, your personal property or even your future income. A Personal Umbrella gives you the security of an added layer of protection against large lawsuits. It also provides something even more important -- Peace of Mind.

What is a Personal Umbrella Policy?
A Personal Umbrella is a policy that extends the liability coverage provided by your auto, homeowners, motorcycle, recreational vehicle and boat-owners insurance policies. It provides:
High Limits. Limits of $1 million or more can protect you after your current policies have paid their full limits.
Broader Coverage. Personal Umbrellas pay some losses not covered by your current policies.
Defense Coverage. The costs of legal defense can be staggering and must be paid even if you win. An umbrella policy pays these fees in addition to your umbrella limit of insurance.

Why do You Need the Extra Protection of a Personal Umbrella Policy?
Even though your personal auto and homeowners policies provide substantial liability limits, you may need even more protection. Court awards of $1 million or more are increasing at an alarming rate. The following examples help show why you need this extra protection:
    -While trying to avoid a dog, you cross the center line and hit an oncoming car. The accident permanently disables the passenger and causes serious injury to the driver.
    -While you are on vacation, some neighborhood children enter your backyard and climb one of your trees. One of them falls, causing temporary paralysis in addition to other injuries.
    -While playing softball, a throw misses its mark and hits a nearby pedestrian in the eye. The injuries to the eye and face require reconstructive surgery.
    -While on vacation, you borrow a boat, snowmobile or other recreational vehicle. While using it, you accidentally cause serious injury to another resulting in long-term disability.
Your Personal Umbrella Policy Provides Coverage If:
¬ You are sued because of an accident which occurs when you let someone else drive your car
¬ You are driving a car furnished to you by your employer
¬ You do volunteer work for a non-profit charitable, religious or civic organization
¬ You use a rented or borrowed boat
¬ You own a home-based business, if the business is covered by your Homeowners Policy
¬ You own a rental dwelling, if the dwelling is covered by a Homeowners or other policy
¬ You are traveling, anywhere in the world
¬ You coach youth sports or are involved in activities with children
How much does a Personal Umbrella Policy cost?
A personal umbrella policy is very affordable. Premiums generally range from $200 to $400 per year. In many cases, you may qualify for multi-policy discounts on your home and auto policies.

Contact us today for more information on Personal Umbrellas and to see what it would cost you to get an extra million dollars of protection! 

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