Cyber Liability Insurance



1. Does your business retain physical or electronic records of employees or other third parties with any of the following?

• Social Security Numbers              • Driver’s License Info              • Tax Identification Numbers

• Birth Dates                                    •  Medical/ Heath Records       • Court Records

• Police Records                              •  Banking info                         • Email/ Home Addresses

If you retain any of the above, your organization is in control of “Personal Identifiable Information,” and therefore, required to protect that data subject to State & Federal Privacy & Data Breach Notification Laws.

2. Does your business have employees? 

  • Most data breaches involve an employee mistake or an employee intentional act.

3. Does your business accept credit card payments or other electronic payments?

  • Over 25% of all data stolen is credit card and other payment information.

4. Does your business use mobile technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops)?

  • Loss of mobile devices and the electronic content contained therein is one of the leading causes of data breaches today.

5. Does your business use third-party vendors (e.g., cloud, IT Services) or have an active website?

  • Businesses in possession of Personal Identifiable Information may be held liable for privacy breaches caused by their vendors or other third parties. As the owner of the data, your business is ultimately responsible for protecting it.

It only takes one of these to warrant the need for Cyber Liability/ Data Breach Coverage

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