Is your home underinsured?

Is your home fully protected? Or are you among the 70% of homeowners who are underinsured?

Why wouldn't you want to fully protect your home? It's the cherished place where friends and family gather to celebrate happy times and make memories. It's the warm, safe haven where children love to return no matter how old they are or how far away they travel. Even more importantly your home is often your single biggest investment and one you will spend significant time and effort fitting to your unique lifestyle.

With that being said, your home is also subject to loss, and restoring the damage can be an expensive proposition as many Americans have unfortunately discovered. By adequately insuring your home to its full replacement value, you are protecting your investment and your equity. You will also be ensuring peace of mind for your entire family, in case a disaster is to occur.

Your trusted insurance advisor should go through a short survey about your home when writing you a homeowner's policy. The survey on your home will provide crucial information/ characteristics on your home to help create a unique profile. Your home value then can be calculated based upon that unique profile of your residence.

If you upgrade and/ or change dwellings you should advise your agent of such, so a new replacement cost can be estimated and coverage can be amended accordingly. Adequate coverage makes it possible for your home to be reconstructed with materials of like, kind and quality should it be partially or totally destroyed.

With the agency being around for 60 years, we have definitely seen disaster strike. Please make sure you are not underinsured in case that disaster strikes you.

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