Advantages of an Independent Agency

Why go with an Independent agency (us) over an online service (Geico, esurance, etc.)?

·Insurance Experience! Agents know the "ins and outs" of insurance and we can help you get the coverage you need and make sure you're not paying for things you don't. Our agency has over 70 years of combined insurance experience. We specialize in helping you with coverages so you don't have to worry about it.

·Quotes from multiple insurance companies with just one call! We represent many different insurance companies for both Auto and Homeowners insurance. Why spend hours comparing companies on the internet when you can make one phone call and get quotes from multiple companies? Don't let the advertising on TV fool you. Buying insurance online in 15 minutes or less is far from the truth… Studies show that the average consumer spends four hours researching and buying insurance online.

·Always a voice on the phone! Whether you have a claim, need to make a change to your coverage or want a new quote, we are here to help. When the unthinkable happens, who wants to call into 1-800 TENNESSEE and talk to a complete stranger?

·You can handle all of your insurance needs in one place! We can do Life, Home, Car and Business insurance for you.

·Keeps your business local! You get friendly service from someone who lives in your very own community. Someone you know and can trust.

·You don't have to pay more for all of these extra advantages! A trusted insurance advisor is just as important as your accountant, doctor or attorney.

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